What Is The '12 Month Brain Fitness Study'?

Brain Fitness and Wellness Using a Blended Approach

Needs & Benefits

This program addresses major physical, mental health and societal concerns that significantly reduce the quality of life of many individuals. This program will teach techniques to improve individual health and interpersonal relationships:

This 12 month program of intensive study is divided into two six month phases with three modules of practice and includes the following benefits.

  • Better concentration and focus
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved physical condition
  • Improved mind-body connection

Who It Will Help?

Participants are volunteers in the greater Tucson – Oro Valley community who are interested in exploring new ways and skills to improve their health, mental condition and lifestyle.


We are committed to transforming our community by helping families and individuals achieve excellence in healthy living. Meditation alone has been proven to be useful and effective, while physical exercise has its own well-documented effects. Our study will show how this brain fitness program brings the two approaches together successfully for improved wellness. The study will also explore how perceived risk and risk tolorance impacts wellness.


We have expert advisors and mentors in the areas of osteopathy, instructional psychology and internal medicine who identify measures and establish criteria. The resulting wellness model will show what works and how to apply findings to inform other similar programs.


  • The role of social interactions in the propagation of new habits and thought models
  • The effects of the method on the respiratory rate, resting heart rate, blood sugar levels and blood pressure
  • The role of meditation alone (mind) vs meditation with stretching and specific breathing methods (body) in stress management and recovery
  • The blended method and its relationship to mental acuity, risk, innovation and neuroplasticity

How Long Will It Take?

The 12 month program of intensive study is offered in TWO six-month phases with three modules of practice with 15 students.

Module One - Boot Camp - 8 Weeks

This module is designed to make a clean break into a new way of thinking. Foundational mental and physical tools are introduced with an emphasis on calming the mind to address habitual behaviors. Participants learn and practice two meditations and one movement routine. This routine includes stretches designed to simultaneously stimulate the body while calming the mind.

Module Two - Finding Ease - 8 Weeks

Stress and tension reduce our quality of life. Module two develops a stronger and more relaxed body. In addition to the continuing practice from module one, specific breathing techniques are introduced and developed that help the student recognize the mental and physical cues that occur when losing ease and becoming tense.

Module 3 - A New Normal - 8 Weeks

A new normal means that we have consolidated our gains and can move forward. No new materials are presented, only continued training. The outcome of this module is very simple:

  • Practice makes perfect. In order to permanently realize the gains of this practice, the brain must be given the opportunity to change.
  • Duration of practice and consistency in method determine overall success.
  • This approach to practice sets a lower baseline for overall stress and results in greater mental acuity and better overall health.

If interested, contact Kelley Graham at (520) 770-1200 for an intake interview.