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On Stillness

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We all want stillness. States likened to peace, rest, harmony, always seem just out of reach. Yeah, I don't do that. This method doesn't foster that feeling. It's designed to reveal your intrinsic stillness, but you have to do some serious work to gain understanding. Now, I'm not criticizing other methods that give people relief from their suffering. I'm presenting this approach as an alternative to what you already know. Having inquired for almost 50 years, I'm confident that my approach is unique.

"The way of stillness, a path, the route, the method, anything that leads to striving, is not what I'm talking about. Cultivated stillness is not true stillness." - me

Be a Slacker - Six Aspects of Minding the Slack

Backlash and Slack in Gear Train

The slack of which I speak can only be felt after cultivating coupled power and experiencing a bit of 'noninterference' in meditation. Conceptually, this definition is analogous to the slack of a geartrain. Slack for our purposes is defined as the range between 'softness-weakness' and 'strength-vigor'. This experiential range is subjective, and arises exclusively from interoceptive signals received from the deep core stabilizers. Here's my six aspects of minding the slack:

Bone Basics - Gravity vs Gravitas

This is a weighty topic. When students first encounter the bones, they laugh. Bones don't make sense. I say:

"Bone Training is weird. You enter a strange and uncertain place. With gravity there is no Yin/Yang. How could there be when gravity does not vary? To separate meat from bones requires great and sustained efforts of mental transformation. Your body's state of bony separation never varies. Our expectations are what varies. At this time, to perceive bony cues is virtually impossible."

Deconstructing Movement or Why Primitives

Over the decades of training and teaching I have generally held that constant change is important and have tried to avoid the traps of sentimentality and routine. As I have codified these experiences into concrete and transmissible methods, students ask for simplification. I try, but really, I feel that simplifiction is the most compelling trap of all. I'll do it, but will also show how seeking simplification while also embracing complexity and uncertainty is better.

Holiday Schedule 2020 - Rest and Recovery

Due to the pandemic I have maintained our class schedule without a significant break since January. I hope all use this time to rest and recover. Here's a little something on the importance of deep sleep and Alzheimer's...

TCB - ARCS Method

Baby Circulation

Rediscover Natural Power and Grace

TCB - Tai Chi Boost is a series of gentle movements comprising a 'form' that improves posture and balance. Our neuroscience-based meditation methods increase mental focus. You can improve your mind-body integration to discover and maintain a new normal.

The 5 Mental Models of Transformation


Can you get from here to there without a map? Without a clear path you are lost. Mind-Body training without a destination is lost time. The UnCarved Block Program provides a method to transform yourself. To become more comfortable in your own skin. To be more powerful and relaxed. Get more energy to live better. Return To The UnCarved Block.

Tensegrity, Neuroanatomy and Coupled Power

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The tensegrity model is great abstraction of our body structure. Neuroanatomy offers deeper insight into movement. Neither approach imparts the specific understanding that enables us to be more powerful and comfortable in our own skin.