Intro To Standing Meditation

We all experience stress. Over time we develop painful habits to compensate. Learn to undo these painful habits.

What if the tool you use to relieve stress was designed to make you stronger and more resilient? What if the same tool helped you better meet the demands of modern life? Standing Meditation is just such a training tool.

Topics include: lifestyle changes, satisfaction and motivation, neuroplasticity, anatomy and fitness.

You will learn:

  • New responses to stress through directed breathing
  • The deep relationship between culture and posture
  • How to reduce chronic neck and shoulder tension by strengthing the legs

Retreat outcomes:

  • Learn to use the body to still the mind while increasing energy
  • Increased breath capacity
  • Improved posture
  • Understand how to develop flexible core power
  • Specific leg and pelvic stretches to decrease chronic lower back, neck and shoulder tension

Duration: 3 hours

Retreat format: Small group 30% lecture and 70% practicum

Retreat size: Minimum of 8 adult participants. Maximum is 17. This retreat will not be held with less than 8 participants. Add your name to our waiting list.

Prerequisites: None. Suggested that you attend Understanding Stress, Mindfulness and Posture - Free Workshop on Standing Meditation


Salk Institute