UCB Movement Primitives

UCB Movement Primitives are moving meditations that support better posture. Better posture produces deep changes in mind and body. Learn to relax while improving range of motion. Get more energy. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.

Class Outcomes:

  • Feel the effects of social pressure on posture.
  • Learn how new perception enables deep postural changes.
  • Establish daily routine to improve posture and gain core strength.
  • Understand how seated and standing meditation differ and the benefits of standing.
  • Improved muscle tone, range of motion and flexibility.

Class Duration: 7 weekly classes, 1 hour each.

Class Format: Small group 50% lecture and 50% practicum.

Class Size: Minimum of 8 adult participants. Maximum is 17. This class will not be held with less than 8 participants. Invite your friends. Contact Kelley.

Prerequisites: None


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