What is Strength?

Strength & Power are terms used to describe the capacity to have an effect or perform work. Physical strength can be distinguished from Strength of Materials. In our training, Structure is the best word for the kind of power generation that reinforces good posture.  The tensegrity model and anatomy trains provide valid physiological context. Benefits of cultivating and refining ones structure can include:

  • Balance - Refined awareness of the alignment with gravity results in exquisite balance.
  • Endurance - Awareness of structure, rather than effect. when moving results in greatly improved use of self. An efficient movement uses less energy.
  • Pain relief - Better structure means the body can move naturally and drop unnecessary habitual tensions.
  • Profound Relaxation - This is a state of relaxation as your baseline condition, rather than an exceptional, fleeting, or occasional feeling.
  • Resiliency - Injuries are lessened as the body is well knitted together.

As you move along the curriculum, poor structural patterns are naturally replaced with better ones. Many benefits can then be realized.