UCB Program 8 Week Intro

Breathe->Stretch->Move. Train to be more comfortable in your own skin. This core 8 week introductory course will help you breathe better to stand better and stand better to move better.

Intro To Standing Meditation

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We all experience stress. Over time we develop painful habits to compensate. Learn to undo these painful habits.

Tai Chi Breath - Full Course

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The breath is the smallest movement. Breathing is a rhythm and a skill. During trauma, your rhythm interrupted and changed. Reestablishing your healthy rhythm is critical for full recovery and provides opportunity for improvement. Central to maintaining health, good lymphatic circulation is dependent solely on movement. This helps to establish a new view of the breath movement as a balancing lymphatic pump. This course is for anyone.



Unbreakable Center

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There is no avoiding stress. What if stress made you stronger? Our mind-body training is designed to help you meet the demands of modern life. Keep your Unbreakable Centertm.

What Do You Mean By 'Natural Power & Grace'?


"I've been thinking about 'grace'. 'Grace' (capitalized) represnts some kind of spiritual experience; 'grace' has something to do with harmoniously integrated movement... what do you consider to be 'Natural Grace', is it both of these or one?"


Yes to both. I chose that word carefully. I feel that the purpose of training is to enrich all aspects of life's experience. For those on a spiritual path, the method is useful, for those who are not, still equally useful. Insight and truth are non-denominational. :) 

My methods emphasize the ability to engage and develop the parts of the brain associated with intention, will, restraint, discipline, empathy, compassion and insight. These things arise from deeper awareness. The result of this process is that a person strives to behave well and in accordance with the highest standards in any context. Professional, personal, private, spiritual, physical... Whatever the context, 'grace', is apparent.

'Natural' means arising from our genetic and cultural inheritance. The work is to discover these relations for ourselves. The joy is in the expression of these relations through thought and action. Hard work results in profound insight. 'Grace' connotes dignity and composure under stress. especially when taken in context with 'power'. 'Power' is central to complete and nuanced understanding of the phrase. This is a big topic.

Good question, thank you.

UCB Mind-Body Inventory

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This authentic practice increases performance while calming the mind. Prerequisites: None

UCB Program Benefits

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Our mind-body training helps you be more comfortable in your own skin. You will learn to breathe better to stand better and stand better to move better. You will condition deep structural tissues to safely develop internal strength. You will be more powerful and relaxed while activating the parts of the brain associated with higher consciousness, empathy, compassion, and insight. 

UCB Movement Primitives

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UCB Movement Primitives are moving meditations that support better posture. Better posture produces deep changes in mind and body. Learn to relax while improving range of motion. Get more energy. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels. This is a group class so get your 8-12 of your friends together and add your name to the waiting list.


Mindful MTB - Online Skills Builder

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Who would think of skiing down a mountain for the first time without lessons? Not many, yet many mountain bike riders do the same, often with painful results. Safely get to know your limits. Have fun!