UCB Live Broadcast

Step-by-step to genuine understanding.

My UnCarved Block Program is a detailed record and distillation of 45+ years of intensive mind-body work.

  • Beginner Classes - UCB Live [ arrange for an intake interview ]

  • Ongoing Training - UCB In Person [ call or txt ]

  • Class Archives - Dedicated students are eligible for limited access to my class archives. Students must complete beginning coursework and arrange to train in person or via UCB Live to be evaluated for access. As of December 07, 2021 we have 999 hours of class archives and each week adds more. After a brief interview, I will enable registration so you can create an account on Sifu On Demand. Remember to respond to the verification email.

  • Broadcast


    Interactive Video - https://8x8.vc/ucb-live/sifu