What Are the 6 Harmonies?

When force passes throught the body, there are 5 areas of the torso that respond. These responses each have specific and unique 'interoceptive' characteristics. This is the source of the 5 Elements phenomena. Based on this phenomena, principles have been codified and labeled 'Internal'. Movement that is 'harmonized' according to these internal principles means having clear inner mental expectations and their resultant outer physical manifestation. There is nothing exotic here, only a specific approach to training. The 6 Harmonies training follows the process of change established by the concept of Yi -> Qi -> Li.

External Harmonies

  1. Elbows -> Knees
  2. Shoulders -> Hips
  3. Wrists -> Ankles

Internal Harmonies

  1. Xin (heart)  -> Yi (intent)
  2. Yi -> Qi
  3. Qi -> LI