Standing inside the body

Last night I felt like I actually had some kind of real sensation of standing. In earlier weeks of the pratice sometimes while doing the standing mediation I would shift my weight from front to back or back to front very slightly to try and see what alignment would bring out more clear sensations of backstop, foot couple, bones pushing, tissue pulling.

But yesterday while I was praticing the standing meditation I did feel like I was able to adjust my posture or structure to make the foot feeling seem more clear but it wasn't through shifting the weight from front to back. It felt like it was happening more from the inside parts of my leg and the corrections that I was making made it feel like I was "standing" more from the inside. I'm not sure really how to describe the insideness feeling but it felt like the posture or alignment was becoming different with out having to use the upper part of my body to lean or something to have a different quality in the legs and feet.

After I had made some of these corrections in the legs I then also thought about head neck and shoulders and decided to relax my shoulders arms and I feel like the quality in my arms changed, not sure how to describe it but it wasn't like what I was used to from my old tai chi practice. They weren't really more full or more empty but different.

Then after that I felt like my neck from shoulders to head maybe elongated or maybe my shoulders were releasing ... not sure but the neck also seemed to have some change.

Is this what the standing feeling should feel like, like we are standing but almost like we are standing more upright from inside the body?