Bottom of the wheel or doing it wrong?

A few weeks ago we discussed how doing this type of training can feel like being on the outside of a wheel moving forward. When you are moving upwards and forward on the wheel it feels like progress but when the wheel starts to move downward and backwards you can feel like you are making no progress or moving backwards. This topic came up because I had been having difficulty feeling the bones pushing forwards/backstop/stretch. Sure enough the next day I had more clarity in feeling these sensations again. 

In the last few weeks though when I practice the standing meditation I feel like I'm not having any of those sensations. I did randomly seem to have the feelings in the foot that I had been having before but I had to stop because my child woke up during nap time. Also, may or may not be related, when I had been practicing the standing meditation earlier on I feel like there would be some sensation in my legs of tension or connection. I would make some small adjustments that would feel like it would create more tension but this would also create more of a stretch in the foot or a feeling of back stop. However I've noticed lately that this feeling used to be present in the left leg and nothing in the right leg, now it seems there is nothing in the left leg and some tension in the right leg.

My question is am I just on the bottom of the wheel or am I just doing it wrong? Also, is the tension being there and then not being there part of making progress or is it maybe just coincidence and related to other things like having to walk in the snow and maybe it causing some joint or muscle tension that wasn't there before?

Happy New Year