Non-interference, Self directed training.

Today I did some planking and back bear, beginning and ending with standing meditation. After feeling some of the most clear switch-to-stitch followed by a very strong and stable non-interference/pearls mental model, my body decided it was time to plank. It was incredibly easy. Yes, there was extreme stretching and even more extreme mental discipline, but the "effort" was nothing. I could only do three total.

There is plenty more I could attempt to express from my work today -- glimpses of shell, new clarity to the cavities, recognizing interference etc etc -- but for those new and ellusive sensations I do not yet have words. 


Just when I thought I buttoned up my training for the day, my body decided otherwise. Halfway across the living room, on my way to a waiting bowl of soup, it was sudennly time to do some kicks. I had no control, there was something to be worked through. After an amount of time, the part of me that sets limits finally *kicked* in and put an end to the part wanting to train and train. Interesting. 

Sketch of Meditation-vs-mindfulness