Breaking fascia crosslinks

We have talked about this before where I have had some shoulder pain/discomfort/tension whatever. And it has sort of come and gone and come again. I'm noticing now that it's been moving each time going from the center outwards, now I feel some sensations near the outer part of the shoulder blade. The questions is, is this just the way it works when we are breaking these fascia cross links that have developed over time? Or is it not the fascia cross links but this is just how this type of practice works through fixing parts of the body?

I've also noticed that I have these other sensations in my back, the best word to describe it is tingling but it is not really a tingling feeling. When I was doing my tai chi practice with carlos in college I noticed these similar feelings around the 2nd year of training however at that time I thought maybe it was related to me being overweight. Is this just another thing where sometimes our practice is activating part of our body and it's just waking up or separating from some blockage?

Is there anything in addition to the standing pratice and the other exercises we have been given that help with these sensations? I feel like rubbing and massage may provide temporary relief but I've come to think that it's really more of just creating the stretch from within the body from our practice that helps separate whatever parts are maybe sticking together and that's really the only thing that fixes the problem.