pressure suit

When I was practicing today I did the standing, then did some wash face and arm swings. Then I did the standing. Then I did some of the punches/elbows and windmill kick (not sure if that is the correct name) and then the standing. Then I did the kicks that you just taught and the standing. Each time I would return to the standing the pressure suit feelings in the legs would get stronger. Then at the end I just did some bending and even though the ankles were not moving laterally I could feel stretching through and around the ankles, also there was noticable stretch around the knees as well when bending. I didn't really feel like I could feel the cavities but the bending did feel like it was more moving in unison and the movement was more being pulled straight. Is the feeling of bending with more coordination mean that the is more development towards feeling/awareness of the cavities?

Also, the pressure suit feeling has always been in the lower half of the body but in one of the shoulders/should nests areas there was a bit of a pressure suit kind of feeling, not sure if that is some awareness of the cavities in the upper body.


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