Shoulder Blades and Ribs

In last weeks class I asked some questions about the shoulders and posture and since then I've been thinking that maybe I've been interfering too much with their placement and I've been trying to let them be more natural. This week I've been feeling or have been having an awareness of the shoulder blade or the tissue or space underneath it. I don't remember when but I thought you had said sometime earlier in the training something about the shoulder blades feeling like they just hang off the back. Maybe I'm imagining that but it feels a little like the left shoulder blade has a little of that hanging feeling. Not sure if that is related to the different intention on the shoulders or if it is related to the rib stretching that we went over.

I've also noticed that there is a feeling around the lower left ribs that has returned although it feels like it's deeper. In my last standing session it felt like after a while the lower ribs area on the left and the area under the should blade were both sort of trembling a little and were somehow related. I guess this is probably just another one of the sensations that will pass and is just apart of the "noise" that needs to clear to be able to feel the couples more clearly.