One Time Feelings / Upper body twisting and pelvic floor

Last week there was one time when I was doing the standing and I felt like I had this sensation where the upper front part of the hip was connected into the front part of the abdomen, maybe it was the master cavity. When I would bend it would feel like that point on the hip was pulled into the upper abdomen part. I haven't felt that again though, not sure if this is just a passing sensation or if that kind of sensation is a connection we should try to be aware of.


This week when I was practicing the push pull elbow / rib flexibility there was one time when I turned and it felt like the bottom of the pelvic floor also twisted or rotated with the upper body. I think you've said this is related to folding. The following day though when I was doing the push pull elbow I never had that feeling however when I did the standing afterwards it did feel like the transverse stretch that I normally feel in the back of the sacrum felt like it was more across the bottom of the pelvic floor and in the center of the pelvis. After that though I have not had that same feeling in the transverse stretch.


Also, last week after class I felt like I somehow over worked my foot, It felt like the plantar fascia part in the picture below was pretty sensitive. It did improve and feels better now but there was another day where it was kind of sensitive. I'm just curious if other students have ever had pain in the foot from this training and if it's fine or is it a sign of doing something improperly

Quick Facts: Plantar Fasciitis - Merck Manuals Consumer Version