Upper transverse stretch or nothing important

A few days a go when doing the push pull elbow I felt a stretch in the middle of the upper back right on the spine and inline with the shoulder blades. When I did the standing that spot felt similar to how the transverse stretch feels in the lower part of the body. The next day when doing the standing I could not feel it very clearly but it seemed like there was still some awareness of that spot and also I feel like the shoulders and ribcage had a different awareness than the previous day. Today when I did the new version of the goat punches I could feel a stretch in that area but then when I was doing standing and I would try to put my awareness on that spot I did not have any feelings of a transverse stretch. I did however feel that my shoulders were wanting to move in a different way than before and I also noticed a different kind of stretch feeling along the front of the clavicle.

I'm wondering if this point on the middle of the back is something that I should keep trying to put my attention on to build the neuronal connections or if this is not related to the transverse stretch in the upper region. I know when I progressed from standing to stillness the transverse stretch in the lower region was completely invisible at first, just like the foot couple was when starting standing but after many practice sessions the feelings eventually were able to be felt.

Also, today I did feel like the sides of the neck had some feeling of being supported. I remember there was a class where you asked if when I would tilt my head if I had any stretching feelings or feelings of support. I didn't tilt my head around but just having it in place there was the feelings on the sides of the neck.

SanTi Sun LuTang