Ribs, Shoulders, Hip

I feel like I am able to notice the ribs a little more than before when I do step tap but what I've noticed is that I have to keep the shoulders down. If I don't try to keep them down then the feeling in the bottom back ribs is not clear. Is this fine to do now, or is my sensation of the ribs just because i'm tensing some muscles around there in order to keep the ribs down. I also noticed when I did the tortise stepping that it seemed like I could feel the ribs a bit like when I do the step tap.

I feel like probably for a while now I've not really been going through the 10 points of standing when I do the standing since I've been focused on trying to feel some of the other things we've been working on. So I went back and revisited the 10 points and then today when I was doing the standing I noticed that my right hip socket seemed to be able to release or move into a different position and it felt weak and there was trembling. Does more rib awareness relate at all to the development of the hips or is it just coincidence that I've maybe not been doing the standing correctly and now I'm just using part of the hip that hasn't been used in a while.

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