Upper Transverse

The transverse stretch that I've previously felt has always only been in the back part of the hip region. I posted more recently about how the part of my back that I feel stretch when I try to stand tall has been moving futher upwards. This feeling has continued to move a tiny bit higher and now when I am focusing on standing tall through this area it feels like the lower ribs are feeling a stretch going outwards. This most recent time I actually fetl a stretch going outwards that was sort of under the shoulder blades ... although I'm not completely sure if it was a stretch or maybe I was actually tensing something but it felt like something new and maybe it was the upper part of the transverse stretch.

Also side note, I've always struggled with this thing where when I do standing sometimes I feel like rolling the hips forwards makes my legs want to rotate outwards and sometimes I'm not sure if what I think the foot couple is may just be the feeling of my feet rotating outwards but held in place by the friction between the floor and my foot. Anyways, this most recent time when I felt the stretch under the shoulder blades I got this slight feeling that there was a new pull that was actually the opposite where my legs were slightly being rotate inwards or maybe it was a just a counter balancing of the outward rotation.


Inky sketch of shift and side thrusting routes