Exploring the foot couple and restarting practice

Week two of practice. Two experiences stand out from the last week of practice. The first was after watching a video on the plex server. Sifu Kelly was leading an exercise where one foot couple is actived more fully then alternating to the other foot being activated more fully. I tried this exercise. I felt a pumping pressure sensation in my neck muscles on the side that was more activated followed by a significant release of those muscles.

The second was while driving I was practicing my tai chi breathing when I became aware of some tension in my back muscles. I kept breathing and became aware that I had been using these muscles to yank on my back for probably years and was able to release them.

Most of this week I have been reflecting on past progress I have made and lost. And how far away from that my body is now. I have moved or life has pulled me away from communities that train together. I have lacked the discipline to train on my own and/or the knowledge to know how to make progress. I am hopeful that this will be a practice I can stick with for years. I have been enjoying the early progress and know the quick wins of the early stages will fade into longer harder fought victories. But I am trying to enjoy this stage of practice and looking forward to my body opening up more and feeling better.

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