If you would have asked how confident I was in my progress I would have said that I was really feeling everything was coming together and that i was feeling more comfortable in my body. Then, the week after Thanksgiving, everything shifted all of a sudden. The biggest thing that changed was my comfort level. Now, I have this "up" feeling at the solar plxus that pushes up on my throat. There are times when I suddenly sense what to let go of and it'll just drop away. Then, after some time, it will return and I don't know or can't feel what I need to let go so that it will drop down again. On the other hand, other aspects of my "feel" have become more clear. Expand and condense are much clearer and more complete. Using the U as a reference for movement has revolutionized the feeling of any and every exercise I know. I can feel how absolutely congested my shoulders and neck are. The amount discomfort I feel when doing any arm movements above 90 degrees. Doing pao chuan is a killer! Any movement has a tremendous amount pull through the all of the soft tissues.The pulling through the torso is very strong especially when counter twisting.One side squeezing the other side seemingly tearing open. Also, I have noticed that my whole abdominal bag will suddenly close when I do a fast movement. I don't have to do some big movement. I make sure that I'm doing all of the things that I can (start with the L and the U and let go of the meat), I make the movement, keep releasing, and BOOM! the abdominal bag from the perineum up squeezes and then releases in a instant.  Lots of things going on.