Yi versus imagination

I have recently began to notice the qualitative difference between the light yi associated with movement and what I normally associate with "thought". With yi, it always leads to movement or change in the body. I feel like it could be compared to wind. Yi is wind when it it fills a sail and the boat is moved along. Imagination is wind as well but it's immaterial to the boat because the sail is not up and the direction is wrong. Imagination and visualization can't lead to the integration that we are looking into because it's in the realm of fantasy and theoretically projecting into nothing.  Yi is the place where the mind and body are already integrated. It's not projecting or imagining something and waiting for something magic to happen. Once we are given a sensory feedback to pay attenion to and we observe those feelings and how they evolve we start to get a glimpse of what yi is. We see how our intent affects these sensations and our bodies. Well, that enough from me. Hopefully, that made some kind of sense.

Salk Institute Blue Sky