On my journey of undoing I have noticed that at times my upper torso actually feels like it is detatched form my lower torso. It's like two building blocks that are not just separate blocks but they aren't even stacked over one another. They are significantly offset from one another. When this feeling is clear enough I can "better stack" them and my body feels comfortable. I know that this is not the mental model we are looking for. It's just an observation. Feeling my body with this kind of clarity ibecome acutely aware of this kind of intense sense of physiological disorientation. My mind and my body are not unified. I know that this is not factual. I know that it's my mental model that has distorted the feedback that my nervous system reports to my awarensess. That's kind of a difference without a real distinction in experience. The phrases that are used in some of the esoteric approaches that speak of unifying or harmonizing the Yi and the Qi and the Qi and the body. I am aware that I, my mental model of my body, am not "in" my body. "I' am kind of floating outside of my body as if to look at it from above. When I do Standing I can feel my mind being pulled into my body and settled into its actual place in space.