The breath and movement, the cavities

I noticed while training and looking into the cavities that I could allow that breath to affect the cavities which would produce movement. I was bending and when I inhaled, all of the cavities would fill and I would be stood up and my arms would puff out. As I exhaled, I would return to the orginal position. I decided to see what would happen if i treated this expereince like the Tai Chi breath. I would inhale, I would be stood up and my shoulder blades would spread and my arms would puff out. Then, I would exhale and instead of dropping back to the original position, I would hold the cavities in the condition that the inhale moved them to. This left the interior of my body and the cavities felt more open and expansive. Then, I inhaled again and the cavities felt even more filled and stretched and the standing stretch increase and the arms puffed out even further. With this inhale, the interior of my body felt very open and expansive and the breath was very easy and light. With the exhale, the stretch was very strong to maintain the feeling of openeness. This exploration led me to a renewed appreciation and a new view of the Tai Chi Breath. Letting the breath teach me about ease and relaxation. Learning about openness and releasing the neck. Seeing how closed and collapsed my spine and torso are since when I inhale they have to move out of the way to make room, but once I've opened up and hold the stretch i'm open and expansive inside and breathing is simply movement.