Good vibrations

I had an intersting experience this morning. I was having tightness in my neck and my throat, again (eye roll), and I was unable to get back to sleep so as I was lying there I decided to try to use the mental model of standing, especially the soft eyes, throat, and solar plexus. As I did this, I started to feel twitches and vibrations in my lower lip, the area around my eyes, in my throat, around and behind my strenum, at the solar plexus, and into my abdomen and perineum. These vibrations happened with these tissues softened and released. It felt like a bubbling brook flowing downward. I have never had these sensations to this degree. I assume that these fasciculations are occuring as habitual tension is being released and that they are not an experience to be sought after. The outcome was relase and openess. The openess wasn't permanent. That just points out the necessity for immersing myself in the Mental Models for duration and consistently inorder to retrain the body/mind.