On Stillness

We all want stillness. States likened to peace, rest, harmony, always seem just out of reach. Yeah, I don't do that. This method doesn't foster that feeling. It's designed to reveal your intrinsic stillness, but you have to do some serious work to gain understanding. Now, I'm not criticizing other methods that give people relief from their suffering. I'm presenting this approach as an alternative to what you already know.

"The way of stillness, a path, the route, the method, anything that leads to striving, is not what I'm talking about. Cultivated stillness is not true stillness." - me

What might this intrinsic stillness be? Where might it reside? In the body or in the mind? Can someone sell it to me? First, know that this intrinsic stillness is there, always, all the time, no matter what, in the body-mind or mind-body. Either will suffice. How to get this perception? That's all it is, a specific kind of perception. A sliver of your sensorum. Very subtle and nebulous at first, then glaringly obvious.

My 5 Mental Models are how I get you there. Standing -> Stillness. First, learn how to stand in an optimized way, then, using specific focus meditations on specific parts of your neuroanatomy, the first aspect of stillness emerges out of the somatic noise of your soft tissue. Easy, Takes about 6 months of Standing to capture this first glimpse. Hope this inspires you to look at your own capacity for stillness in a different way. Cultivation of stillness won't get you there, cultivation of the perception of your own intrinsic stillness will. Also, changing perception is much more difficult than getting an outcome. Finally, stillness is not relaxation and the relationship between the two is not even close. This is topic for another day. Let's close with the idea that intrinsic stillness reveals how profound relaxation might be achieved, but relaxation does not reveal intrinsic stillness. Just keep training.


Old time black and white pictures of Wang Shujin training postures