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If You Train, You Will Change

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For centuries, NeiJia (Chinese Internal Martial Arts) have provided tools for developing excellent character, high martial skill and deep self cultivation. Train for health and long life. Train for survival. Genuine transformation requires focus, commitment and effective training methods. You provide the focus and commitment and I provide the training methods. If you train, you will change.

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Definition of Internal Practice

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Chinese Martial Arts are sometimes divided into two adversarial camps: Internal vs External, NeiJia vs WaiJia. It is usually in some kind of advert where I see these terms. Over the years as I have kept abreast of anatomy, neuroscience and related disciplines, I have always looked to resolve what I perceive a false distinction. In 2010, I published a draft definition of internal practice in my FAQ. Since then I have been fortunate to receive peer feedback and continue to refine the definition.

On Stillness

Old time black and white pictures of Wang Shujin training postures

We all want stillness. States likened to peace, rest, harmony, always seem just out of reach. Yeah, I don't do that. This method doesn't foster that feeling. It's designed to reveal your intrinsic stillness, but you have to do some serious work to gain understanding. Now, I'm not criticizing other methods that give people relief from their suffering. I'm presenting this approach as an alternative to what you already know. Having inquired for almost 50 years, I'm confident that my approach is unique.

"The way of stillness, a path, the route, the method, anything that leads to striving, is not what I'm talking about. Cultivated stillness is not true stillness." - me