Stop Uprooting - Start Integrating

Coupled power will remove 'uproot' from your vocabulary. We are not trees. We have no root. If your body is collapsed, root makes sense. If your chi is stagnant from your collapsed body, root makes sense. The mind-body integration that solves 'collapse' comes from understanding tensegrity and its application to our neuroanatomy. I really can't speak more plainly. Stop uprooting. There is no root to break. All you are really training is avoidance of direct contact with power.

The root abstraction can be trained away with standing meditation. There are 5 specific 'couples' that become clear as your deeper nervous system wakes up. To wake up this neuroanatomy, you must train in a very specific way that avoids 'collapse'. When training, if your feet feel heavy and your belly filled, you are collapsing. Your structure is broken. When more integrated, your body feels less filled and more stretched and empty. When all 5 couples are present in your normal everyday experience, even the deep stretches recede into the background. There is no special feeling of pressure anywhere, not the feet, not the abdomen, not anywhere. This accomplishment takes years. Start today - UCB Live


Chang Foot Sweep