Late 1950's Video - Thx Jarek Szymanski

"Another old video from late 1950s. Interesting to see a short part with young Chen Zhaokui, then about 30, demonstrating the famous punch, part of the 1st Routine of Chen style. No shaking, no trembling, similar to what other disciples of Chen Fake - including Feng Zhiqiang - were showing and advocating Wu (Quanyou) style demoed by famous Yang Yuting, then the leading figure in the northern branch of the style. The younger generation is represented by Li Bingci. While since early 80s and the publishing of the book on Wu style Wang Peisheng and Wu Tunan have received more attention and recognition, in those early years and further in late 70s apparently it was Li Bingci who was considered the "official" head of the system in his age group.
Personally I consider the short demo of Li Yaochen to be the highlight of the video. Li was a legendary figure in the martial arts circles of China's capital at the time - prominent member of Huiyou Escorting Bureau, master of The Cannon Boxing of Three Emperors, person who demonstrated for the "Dragon Lady" dowager Cixi of Qing dynasty, and Chairman Mao Zedong. The system Li Yaochen was practicing was brought to Beijing in 19th century by Song Mailun, and at the time not less famous than Taijiquan and Baguazhang. in 1845 Song - and the style he taught - got his fame after he defeated the coaches of the elite firearms unit of Shenjiying. Li Yaochen was not only a skillful martial artist and member of the escort bureau, but also a teacher to many famous Beijing opera performers - including Mei Lanfang, who learnt sword techniques from Li. Li Yaochen can also be found on the group photo taken in 1902, where he is sitting in the same row as Guo Yunshen, the "Invincible Crushing Fist". - From fb discussion ( archived and searchable here on SOD, since social media does not support )