GM Sam F.S. Chin on The Four Topics

  1. Attention
  2. Readiness
  3. Change with Change
  4. Uncertainties 

Student needs to be aware at all times, and have the quality of readiness to change with the change and be able to face uncertainties.  There should be no surprises since you are always aware.  Aware of the awareness...

Excerpt from a conversation on the 4 topics from the I Liq Chuan Forum. The following interview is conducted by Yen Lee Chin, Master Sam's daughter.

Sam: "Readiness has the skill of non attachment. Try to finish things as much as possible, completing tasks. By finishing tasks completely, this will help you train your readiness. This is about completness, a feeling of being finished and ready for something else... if I am not finished than I am not ready.  Every moment must have a quality of completeness, then every new moment can have the freedom to begin a new task.  This is the same idea as being present.  If you are not finished with something that means you are thinking about something that is either already gone or has not yet happend.  It is also the skill of dropping the mental attachment and balancing of the physical and mental state at any moment."


"You will never be able to finish anything unless you drop everything, if you don't understand that than you are not yet ready... you are not doing ILC. Yi Dao, Qi Dao, Li Dao."

Me: "So, how do your students know how/what to finish? And not only do they finish, they finish it correctly?"

Sam: "This is skill level.  If i'm ready, I'm there... I'm more there now, so I can respond more easier.   Then I can change with change... If I'm there. Not only mentally, physically too.  If mentally, you know, but you cannot respond... What's the point?

So, everythig must have balance and harmony.  The readines must be there.  That's why ILC does not emphasize on being fast or slow, it's about the timing.  You can't beat me when I'm there.  No matter how fast you are, you're not as fast as I am.  How could you be faster than I am if I'm ready and I'm already there.  In other words, you first need to be aware in order to be there and ready."

Then we went on talking about being more specific with the topic "uncertainty".  My father refused because he explained that the topic "uncertainty" is very broad.  He does not want to bracket and freeze it in a way that it only means a certain way.

I asked how will the students know to look deeper than what it seems.  His response was that it depends on their realization power... that's what their level is.  When your level is higher, your realization power should be higher. Hope this helps.