Some Thoughts On Standing Meditation


"The breath is the bridge joining mind, body and spirit."

Have you invested time and energy in your Internal practice? Are you satisfied with your understanding and skill?  Consistent standing practice will develop a calm mind and prepare your body to safely generate internal power.

Like most things, it's quality not quantity that counts. Practice for a long time is to learn to maintain ease. If you lose ease during training your progress will be slow. This is tough for many people to accept. Neuroscience clearly shows that if your body is at ease, then it helps the mind be at ease. If your mind is at ease, then it helps the body. This feedback cycle results in deeper learning experiences. Deeper learning brings higher skill and understanding.

Why Standing Meditation?

Purpose: Cultivate internal capacity using the breath.
Outcome: Student will learn to:

  1. Maintain ease
  2. Safely condition the lower abdominal cavity using directed breathwork
  3. Maintain specific alignments to improve posture

I have a complete martial neigong series, but is offered only to those students who have demonstrated strong committment to foundational practice. This is a great introduction to inner door methods and can help anyone safely receive the benefits of authentic training.